Listen to my  first single released in 2019- AYEH!

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“I believe that music is an extremely powerful expression of our feelings to the one above. This is the holy work that the angels busy themselves with all day long! It’s a tremendous privilege to have been blessed from Hashem with this gift. I beseech Hashem to guide me on the path of truth, to use this ability with the sole objective of bringing glory to his name. May this music inspire and bring us all so close to him and awaken deep feelings of sincerity, praise and gratitude to our creator. May we all be filled with true love and joy from this holy endeavour’’.

AYEH – 2019

This is my first single


In Hebrew

In Spanish

In English


Reuven Garber was born and resides in Johannesburg, South Africa, together with his wife and 4 kids. He has been devoted to learning and teaching Torah, as well as to singing and music for many years. Reuven was one of 2 brother’s in law that inspired many through the beautiful Album ‘’Mayim Rabim’’, released recently by ‘’Derech Achim’’. The 2 of them work extremely closely and it is his brother in law Jared who is the executive producer of both the audio track, as well as the video, of the first single released ‘’AYEH!’’.