Reuven was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and is now living in Israel together with his wife and children. Reuven has been devoted to learning and teaching Torah, in addition to his musical career. Though popularly known as the lead singer of the legendary “Derech Achim”, as well as for his latest album release “Ayeh”, one of Reuven’s most notable parts of being an international singer, is the unique style and energy that he brings when singing people down the aisle on their special day. Since their recent Aliyah, Reuven is now singing people down the aisle all over Israel.

Up until this point, Reuven has released two albums. The first album, “Mayim Rabim”, was produced together with the legendary group “Derech Achim”, with Reuven as the lead vocalist. The most recent album “AYEH!”, was released in 2021. Featuring on the album Ayeh, are songs in Hebrew, English and Spanish. Reuven’s parents originate from Argentina, hence his Spanish fluency and the Spanish songs on the album.

Reuven highlights that the fundamental purpose behind his musical journey is for the sake of bringing glory to the name of Hashem – Leshem Kevod Shamayim!

“I believe that music is an extremely powerful expression of our feelings towards the one above. May the music inspire and awaken sincere feelings of praise and gratitude towards our creator”.