Reuven Garber, renowned for his uplifting and soulful renditions of chupa music, is now singing people down the aisle all over Israel. Though popularly known as the lead singer of the legendary “Derech Achim”, as well as for his latest album release “Ayeh”, one of Reuven’s most notable contributions as an international singer is to bring his unique style and energy to singing people down the aisle on their special day. Since his recent Aliyah, Reuven has been singing at Chupas and wedding receptions all over Israel.


Reuven’s voice captured every pure sense of holiness and emunah at our chuppah. Each song brought with it a dreamlike melody, which we often relive through our wedding video. We could not have chosen a better singer to bring us together as one. From his voice, the tangible emunah, and the incredible energy he gave to us as a couple and our wedding as a simcha, we could not have wished for more. It was as magical as we could have dreamed of, and it is all thanks to Reuven and his voice which is min ha’shamayim. We are so grateful and feel incredibly lucky to have had Reuven sing at our Chuppah. Thank you! – Cassi and Evan Rubin

Thank you Reuven for making my daughter’s wedding one of the most beautiful and memorable occasions. What’s most special about you is the sincerity and passion you have for another’s joy. It was as if it was one of your own children getting married! You showed us the meaning of “V’ahavta Lereicha Kamocha”. Your soul-filled melodious voice filled our hearts with much joy. We know that we were privelged to have you all to ourselves! Todah Rabah! Todah Rabah! – Gary Oudemayer

Reuven made our Chuppah and wedding reception in Israel so so special. He sang absolutely beautifully and was so happy to sing the songs that we chose. Reuven added a beautiful, calming, holy energy to our Chuppah, and he added so much energy, fun and Simcha to our reception. Reuven’s voice is unique and beautiful and it really made our Simcha stand out. He really made our Simcha special by expressing the holiness and gravity of the day when he sang for us. Our Simcha would not have been the same without him. He is also incredibly, kind, patient and professional and he put on a world class performance with very little guidance from us. We could not have made a better choice. Thank you Reuven!! – Josh and Gabi Falkson

We were blessed to have Reuven Garber sing at our son’s chuppah. He is unique in that he combines magnificent music with deep spirituality in a way that contributed to the magical and uplifting atmosphere at the chuppah. Reuven is a talmid chochom whose Torah learning for many years, as well as his very sincere yiras shemayim and eidelkeit, shine through in his music in the most magnificent way – Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein

The simcha and emotions we felt at our chuppah would not have been the same without Reuven’s beautiful and holy voice! Not only is his voice magnificent but he brought a holiness and specialness to our chuppah that cannot be described! He also sang at our wedding reception and made the biggest vibe despite being a covid wedding of 30 people.
We couldn’t have asked for anything more! Thank you for bringing us so much joy on our wedding day! – Naftali and Kelsi Ginsberg

The simcha and love at our chuppah was felt by everyone because of the way Reuven brought us all together. His sincere love for every Jew allows him to sing for them as if it’s his own simcha. Everyone told us how incredible the energy from the singing was and we are so grateful that he was able to capture such a powerful moment in our lives. It was a privilege to have Reuven enhance our simcha and we feel eternally blessed – Yaakov and Gabi Carno

Reuven brought so much simcha to our special day. He is the reason that the holiness of our wedding day could be felt by us and all of our guests. The fact that he could sing his original songs live was really something so special. Reuven sings with his soul and it is tangible . The quality of his voice is rare and very distinguishable. The chuppa was so spiritual and this was achieved because of Reuven. The vibe at the reception was awesome. He is able to keep the crowd going and no one could leave the dance floor. For Reuven, singing at a simcha is not a job , it is his way of being mesameach a Chattan and kallah and he does this with utmost joy and skill. Thank you Reuven for going out of your way to ensure that the music at our wedding was exactly what we had dreamed of – Josh and Gila Cohen

Reuven was absolutely incredible, our wedding was the night before the first lockdown and the energy he brought to our Chuppah stopped time and made space for the special power of the day! Thank you! – Avrami and Tali Gordon

We were so excited when Reuven agreed to do our chuppah. Reuven’s absolute musical talent and pure, delicate voice is a chuppah must!! He brought emotion and kedusha to our special day. Reuven’s singing gets everyone in the moment and makes everyone feel like it is their Simcha.
We were so lucky to have him. Thank you – Yoel and Rachaeli Hirschowitz

We were so privileged to have Reuven’s magnificent singing at our chupa. He really heightened the feelings of kedusha and simcha. His beautiful, original niggunim and the sincerity with which he sang them made our Chuppah into a true simcha – Eli and Shevi Grunewald

The pure genuine joy that Reuven felt for my sister and her Chosson for their simchah was what made us realize from the very beginning that having him sing at the Chuppah meant more than just music. Reuven heightened the precious emotions and brought a depth to the occasion even by how he approached the preparation for the chuppah, guiding the couple’s decisions yet always making sure to give them exactly what they wanted. And when he began to sing…wow it was a beauty that perfectly framed the moment and brought everyone closer to the Chosson and Kallah, to one another and to HaShem whose presence seemed to become more and more tangible with each next melody that he sang – Matt Klawansky

Reuven’s energy provides Kedusha to his entire environment, especially when this is channeled through his magnificent voice. Reuven is not only extremely understanding, Chessedik and a joy to work with, but is able to encapsulate whatever type of energy you want for your simcha. We could not have chosen a better person to sing at our simcha. Choosing Reuven is always choosing right, no matter what you are looking for, he is a one stop shop and is in my opinion the greatest vocalist one could have at their Simcha. Thank you Reuven for adding so much to our most special day, we feel privileged to have had such a professional to elevate our simcha through song – Yoni and Bruria Raichlin



Reuven was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and is now living in Israel together with his wife and children. Reuven is devoted to learning and teaching Torah, in addition to his musical career. Reuven has so far released two albums. The first album, “Mayim Rabim”, was produced together with the legendary group “Derech Achim”, with Reuven as the lead vocalist. The most recent album “AYEH!”, was released in 2021, and contains songs in Hebrew, English and Spanish. Reuven’s parents come from Argentina, hence his fluency in Spanish.

Reuven emphasises that the fundamental purpose behind his musical journey is bringing glory to the name of Hashem – Leshem Kevod Shamayim!
“I believe that music is an extremely powerful expression of our feelings towards the one above. May the music inspire and awaken sincere feelings of praise and gratitude towards our creator”.